Exciting new artist discovery – Yohei Nishimura

I love it when a random search produces a really exciting discovery! A few days ago this happened and I came across the work of Yohei Nishimura.


Yohei Nishimura is a ceramic artist who chalenges the traditional view of ceramics and uses the medium to experiment. The piece I was particularly drawn to was an installation of ceramic bowls that had been fired with an apple inside them. The jutaposition of the organic and the inorganic are really interesting to me. The outcome feels like an exploration of similar themes to my own. Preserved remains, a memory of what was.

“The inspiration for this work came after my visit to the British Museum, and I saw “carbonized rice”.  It fascinated me that even after thousands of years, organic material such as rice had continued to exist.”

There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of information about this artist online, but I will continue to search.





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