I have just finished Textile 3 – Your Own Portolio and am excited about the possibilities of continuing to develop ideas that I started within that course.

I have been developing ideas surrounding Loss, Memory and Death, using impressions within clay and paper clay as a metaphor for what is left after someone has gone. The process also has strong references to changing memory and how insignificant pocessions of a loved one become highly precious at death, Things change and forever mark us with an absence.

Rope impression in clay Rope impression in clay

During my previous course I had started to develop ideas through several different pieces of work which allowed me to explore my thoughts combined with the materials into a clear style and voice to my practice.

Install_web removePaperYarn1

Knitting imprint in clayKnitting imprint in paper clay

I want to continue to explore these themes within my work during this course, there is still a lot of aspects to explore. Technically I still have a huge amount to learn and I am enourmously excited about this and am iching to get started!


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