Death at Bristol museum and art gallery

This is an exhibition I had wanted to see for long time, but sadly when I did get to visit I was a little disappointed. The exhibition didn’t feel very well curated and a bit haphazard. It was very small and I feel should have been more focused, but instead covered such a broad spectrum of subjects but none in any great detail which was such a shame. Given that this exhibition was going to be small  I feel that it would have been a more engaging experience to explore the history of death in the UK in greater detail.

The exhibition claimed to be a step towards breaking the taboo and silence around death that we in the West have developed, because of our overly clinical and hidden way of dealing with our dead. Yet within one of the first stages of the exhibition most of the facts were hidden from view behind draws and doors which seemed to me to perpetuate this whole phenomenon.

There were some really interesting sections though, mostly in the ‘human remains’ section of the exhibition.

Bristol_death ceramicHead ChildMummy inventory PrehistoricScull skullDrum

I was lucky to have visited the Smrt exhibition in Prague last year, so perhaps I have been spoilt. It too attempted to confront our modern attitudes, but it really did a fantastic job of addressing every aspect through history and appoached the subject comprehensively.



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