Crime museum uncovered

The Crime Museum is a collection of historical crime artefacts collected by the Met police over many years. This museum of artefacts has only been available before to the met police and has not been made public before.

The exhibition was intriguing for these reasons alone but I it was absolutely engaging from the moment I entered.

There were some key highlights for me

Sampler Cushion by Annie Parker

Annie Parker appeared before Greenwich Police Court over 400 times for drunkenness. The sampler was made using hand crocheted lace and was embroidered using her own hair.


The Murder of Ruby Keen by Leslie Stone

Leslie Stone had been seeing Ruby Keen but this relationship ended. However the two met in a pub and left together. Ruby was found dead the following morning.

This story was particularly fascinating because of the way Leslie Stone was caught. As he strangled her with her own scarf he knelt on the ground astride her. The police noticed these knee impressions in the sandy soil and cast them and some foot prints in plaster and metal. The fabric impression is clearly visible within these casts. His trousers were found to have been heavily brushed on the knees, sandy soil was also found in the turn ups. Microscopic analysis of Stones jacket also produced a silk fibre from Ruby’s slip.

I wasn’t able to take images within the exhibition and unfortunately I cannot find any online either which is a shame.

After creating my piece about Bodmin Prison and the execution of Selina Wadge I found the capital punishment section of the exhibition eerily fascinating. An execution box containing all that would be required by an executioner, and 5 ropes used to hang prisoners in London.

Overall the exhibition was huge but these items are all things that will inspire my work.


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