Creating impressions

I am keen to use knitted hats as a basis for exploring loss.

Knitting has such a variety of textures both within the stitching as well as the fabrics and fibres used.

Hats also reference protection, heads as a place where memories are made and mental stress is stored. Our head is where our brain is and the head is an important part of the skeleton in determining how osteologist discover details of the past.

Different patterns and styles suggest individuality, personal identity.


I started by exploring the impressions of different knitted swatches within clay…


Knitted strips of old bed sheets

knittingImpressionClay2 knittingImpressionClay3

Knitted torn curtain fabric strips


Knitted leather from an old belt.

I particularly like the fact that you get a good impression of both the stitch and the fabric itself. The fabric imprints look rather like finger prints.

I also started to look at materials other than clay…


Knitting pressed into paper pulp in the foreground and knitting pressed into bone ash and salt solution. I liked the idea of bone ash with it’s connotations of death but the impression turned out too rough without definition even though it feels surprisingly solid.



Silk cocoon strippings compresses with tylose (I need a stronger container and more pressure)


Human Hair with tylose.


Waste from the hoover compressed with just water added. I threw this away because it was a bit grim but interesting that it did compress well but didn’t hold the impression pressed into it.

I wanted to explore the possibility of our waste as a memory of our presence.



Knitting impression within paper pulp


Less defined knitting impression within paper pulp.

The texture and definition of the knitting pattern is really important! Also yarn is possibly too squashy to get a strong impression. A feint impression does though add to the sense of a fading memory.





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