Wills and inventories

I have spent some time researching old wills and chattels within the local library.

Banbury Wills and Inventories, Vol. 13: 1591-1620 – Part 1

Chilton’s Chattels

One entry was particularly interesting:

George Pynder was a tailor in Banbury who died on 27th July 1594. The items he left within his will to his family is listed below.


It is fascinating how different the things people left in a will was to today.

I became particularly interested with the pewter items. It made me think about the work of Victoria Brown who I had met when I was in Bratislava for the International mini textile exhibition.

I experimented by melting a whole pack of solder and pouring it onto a knitting swatch.

Pewter and solder has such a low melting point that it can be melted on a cooker hob.

SolderCasting solderImprint

I really like the preciousness that this adds to the impression or the knitting. [precious memories]

After this experiment I purchased some lead free pewter and made a larger sample within the skull plaster mold. During the process the hat became embedded within the pewter in places. I loved the traces of fabric/wool being left within the cast but I had used a fuscia pink hat and didn’t feel that this worked with my ideas of past and memory so I completely removed the pink yarn and carefully threaded some hand dyed scraps of wool through the enclosed spaces. The importance of sample making with more considered materials became more apparent.

Knitting cast in pewter


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