The Oxford Archaeology archive

The multi-storey car park in Oxford was recently demolished and before building could go ahead on the site, Oxford Archaeology were given the opportunity to excavate the site. A small pop up exhibition is currently on within Oxford Town Hall and I took the opportunity to visit. Some really stunning finds have been discovered.

Including: Medieval leather purse, Medieval Leather Bag

Oxford Archeology Westgate

What stuck me whilst looking at all the individual items is the lives of those people who these items once belonged to. My mind started to imagine the lives they lived. I love that archaeology draws us back to the past and shows us how our lives are different.

After visiting the exhibition I explored the Oxford Archaeology archive. Some really useful and interesting documents are available to download for research:

A detailed report on the recording of interments within the Rycote Crypt. The report details and illustrates Coffin upholstery and coffin fittings…

Also in Oxford is Oxoniensia – the annual journal of Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society (OAHS). They also have a lot of very interesting archaeology papers

Details the excavation of a Medieval and post-medieval graveyard within Oxford city centre under what is now Bonn Square. It also details coffin fittings and memorial stones.




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