Michele Brody

Michele Brody has created a series of work that explores life cycles and renewal. For her ‘Drawing Roots’ series she planted flax seeds within hand made linen paper. As the seeds grew the roots created a series of marks within the paper.

These marks are reminiscent of neurological paths, the making of memory and leaving a mark.

The use of a biological process is also significant, it reinforces the ideas surrounding life and renewal.

These pieces also show how versatile and interesting paper can be, it can so easily be overlooked as simply a medium to paint or draw on but can also be used in so many other ways.

I particularly like to idea of leaving an element of the making process to chance or some other process, and seeing what happens, and the making of marks by another process other than our own physical mark making.

These delicate impressions are reminiscent of wounds as well as blood vessels or neurological paths, an area that fascinated me as a metaphor for life and death.


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