Julia Anne Goodman – Skinscapes

Julia Anne Goodman’s ‘Skinscapes’ is a culmination of work was made during an Artist in Residence at the Lost Coast Culture Machine in Fort Bragg, CA. It is a series of work exploring the marks that can be made on skin using cast paper pulp made from repurposed bed sheets.


I love the level of detail that can be obtained from paper pulp. Initially it was surprising to me and this is what spurred my exploration into paper pulp.

Paper has so many connotations with memory as well. Here Julia Anne Goodman has used repurposed bedsheets which within themselves have references to lovers, loneliness, death… but paper too has references to diaries, photographs. I particularly like the use of materials that speak of the subject as much as the piece itself, I find myself drawn to using materials in this way.


The addition of pale colour accentuates the presence of the imprint within the pulp cast, but could also reference staining. Stains remind us of a presence that no longer exists or a moment in time captured.


For more detail Julia Anne Goodman’s portfolio site is available here…




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