A Moment of Grace – Modern Art Oxford

The Museum of Modern Art in Oxford are celebrating 50 years as a public modern art gallery and as part of their celebrations they are running a series of exhibitions that reflect the vast and diverse history of the gallery.

Currently running at MAO is ‘A Moment of Grace’

A Moment of Grace charts the ways in which artistic activism in the 1960s aimed to critique the art world as a way of commenting on ‘the establishment’, through to a new generation of artists working with the new materials and visual surfaces of the post-Internet age.

–  https://www.modernartoxford.org.uk/event/kaleidoscope-moment-grace/

Two interesting artists that stood out to me during a visit to this exhibition are John Latham and Gareth Nyandoro. Both of these artists have a destructive element to their work.

John Latham

John Latham uses destruction as a direct reference to the destruction of belief systems and currently held knowledge, particularly scientific thought. Using books as a form of knowledge he burnt them and repurposed them in turn changing them whilst implying a change in knowledge and communication.

Gareth Nyandoro

Gareth Nyandoro builds up layers of paint and collage and then tears, scrapes, cuts and scratches parts away. This building up and taking away lends a fascinating texture to the surface of his work and has a sense of destabilization and renewal.

Human interaction within the urban environment is a recurring theme in Nyandoro’s work as he continues his investigation into issues surrounding urbanisation, alienation, displacement, diversification and social reconstruction that makes up the current Zimbabwean social fabric.

–  http://www.smacgallery.com/artist/gareth-nyandoro/


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