Maria Bartuszova – Alison Jacques Gallery

Having first discovered the work of Maria Bartuszova during my visit to Bratislava in Slovakia last year, I was extremely excited to find this exhibition of her work at Alison Jacques Gallery in London.

Maria Bartuszova’s work resonates so strongly for me with the ideas that I am exploring. Emptiness, loss, memory. Sculptural plaster forms created by pouring plaster over rubber forms often balloons. The balloons or rubber forms are removed to leave delicate empty spaces.

Maria Bartuszova

By wrapping the balloons in string the empty spaces are intercepted and crossed, alluding to fractures, breakages, fragility. The forms are also very similar to eggs, residual remains of something that was once there, discarded.

Maria Bartuszova detail

The curved form of Perforated Torso 1986 alludes to the human form but the empty internal spaces give a sense of loss and emptiness or is it a twisted turmoil?

Maria Bartuszova

Her work is fascinating and for me there is so much to read within her work that touches on themes that intrigue and draw me to consider my own approaches to my work. The string left within the plaster, the twisted fold marks, the raw nature of the back of some of the work.

Maria Bartuszova


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