Mona Hatoum – Tate Modern

I only knew very little about Mona Hatoum before visiting this exhibition. I had pinned a few images of her work on Pinterest but something told me she would be an artist worth exploring.

I was in London to visit the Maria Bartuszova exhibition and to make the most of my day I bought a ticket to see Mona Hatoum at Tate Modern.

The themes she explores and the way she explores them head on, was fascinating. Her installations enable the viewer to be both moved but immersed and in some cases to physically experience the work. Electrical sounds from Homebound 2000 could be heard throughout the whole exhibition giving views an uncomfortable sense of the whole exhibition. These sounds perfectly formed a backdrop to all of her work.

Homebound 2000 a piece of work that explores and plays on the theme of domestic confinement or house arrest. A large installation that consists of a series of household objects that any house could contain each connected by an electric wire. electricity passes through each item lighting a bulbs in turn with the amplified crackling and buzzing of electrical current. A barrier protects us from this sense of threat and creates a caged in threat.

She also uses words with dual meanings to give power to her work. Light Sentence 1992 Can refer to the use of a light bulb within the work but also plays  with the idea of a lenient term in prison. A single light bulb slowly moves up and down between a row of wire mesh lockers, disorientating the viewer creating an unnerving situation.

The items that were of particular interest to me though, were her paper works, where she explores the impressions of everyday items within waxed paper…

She also uses materials from her own body mixed with hand made paper pulp including finger nails, hair, urine and skin to create random compositions. It is this exploration of capturing the trace we leave of ourselves that I found really interesting.



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