Ruskin Degree and MFA Show 2016

The Ruskin Degree show is an opportunity to see the work of students at the end of their BFA and MFA degrees at Ruskin College Oxford. This year has seen the first intake of MFA students.

Both exhibitions contained a very high level of work but again it disappoints and frustrates me that after the years of research and study that these students have put into their work there is no  support for our understanding of what we are looking at. I simply cannot understand how we are expected to understand the thinking with not even a seed of information. Worse still I feel that this compounds the issues of elitist art institutions and insular networks and does nothing to drawn new audiences into understanding art.

The BFA work, in the majority, had some support by way of a well put together informative catalogue. Conversely the MFA  left us utterly uninformed and confused. Even Artlyst makes no mention of work within the MFA when it reviewed the exhibition –  . Coinsidently they did pick up on two of the artists from the BFA that I too particularly liked… Mariette Moor, Crack Me Up – Round 1 and Olivia Rowland, Rupture. I particularly like the unusual vantage point that Mariette Moor places the viewer. Within a contained box outside of the rest of the exhibition and viewing small creatures that make the viewer feel larger than life, dominant.

I am very disappointed with the MFA show I was hoping to feel inspired and engaged, drawn into a series of questions, nut sadly feel utterly disengaged. I had been looking at the potential of applying to the MFA course myself but I am now having serious second thoughts sadly.





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