Application to use St Pancras Crypt for my degree exhibition

I am considering the possibility of hosting my own degree show. As OCA students we do not get to participate in a group show and I feel that it would be a good for my professional development to work towards an event.


I have considered possible venues and St Pancras Crypt gallery stands out for obvious reasons.

I have approached the galley for initial information. For students the cost is £150 a day

The layout of the space can be seen here.

And a 3D virtual tour of the space can be explored here…,-0.1295805,3a,75y,331.04h,108.5t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s-1OGNr6Sp-IAAAQun3JGTw!2e0!3e2!7i13312!8i6656

I have now sent an application to them and am waiting to hear if it will be accepted.

29th July

St Pancras Church have now come back to me. They are happy to host my degree show in the crypt! I have selected January 13th and 14th for my show and I now need to complete forms and send a deposit of £200.

I am really excited. Having a show to work towards for my final module is important for many reasons, it will allow me to be utterly focused and have something solid to work towards. It also allows me to show assessors that I can work in a professional way including marketing as part of the process. It also allows me to consider work in a context something I find particularly helpful to the process of creating work.

12th September

I have started to consider my degree show as an exhibition in it’s own right. I have (for the moment at least) decided on the title ‘Latent’ – Dictionary definition:- Present but not visible.

I think that this single word sums up exactly what I am researching and trying to explore succinctly.


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