Mass Graves

Following on from my samples and exploration of vessels and skull casts combined with my continued research and consideration of war crimes and forensic anthropology. I have started to draw together some ideas towards a piece of more complete work.

Using the previous bone china sample I experimented with the beef casings draped over the cranium and left to dry.



I am interested in using these samples to explore mass graves and reference the individualities of individual memory within each.

I am interested in using a circle as a reference to continuous cycles, atrocities that continue to occur, never ending.

I have previously used fibre optic cables and wanted to see what fibre optic light would look like through the dried casings.


I am really excited by the potential of these items coming together.

  • The casings add a visceral aspect to the piece
  • The ceramic element has a bone like quality
  • The imprint alludes to individuality. Impressions of what was, still present but gone.
  • The light – continuous cycle of atrocities

Fibre optic

I have a fibre optic cable from a previous project. I wanted to work out how many skulls I needed to make to fill the fibre optic circle.

I have the circumference length of the cable but i needed to know the radius (c=2πr)

Circumference = 206″

Radius = 32.8″ radius squared = 1075.84″

Area = (πxr2) 3380″

Skull area 13″squared = 169″

Circle area / skull area (3380/169)= 20

So I need to make around 20 individual pieces.


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