Whilst exploring ideas in my sketchbook I started thinking about impressions as marks. I went back over the lace rubbing’s I did early on and considered other ways to approach this.

I have enjoyed using Chinese ink and particularly like the way the ink bleeds. I wanted to see what water sprayed through lace would look like with the addition of ink.

This idea has produced some really exciting results, different lace produces different effects depending on the density of the lace patterning and the amount and density of the spray also effects the outcome.




  • They remind me of Rorschach tests – mental instability, sadness
  • They somehow reference forensics – blood splatter, Luminol spray
  • Could also be neuron patterns, brain electricity

Excited by the outcome of these sketches, I spent time considering how I might develop these into a piece of work.

13th July

I experimented with pushing the paper into my plaster skull mold. A simple but effective idea, again the results are quite exciting.

  • Discarded
  • Waste
  • Thrown away

But also

  • Fragile
  • Delicate

August 2016

I decided to see what spraying ink through net curtains would look like and whether this could be another option.


Ink sprayed through net curtains


Addition of red ink

I do like this effect but the ghostly effect of the previous samples fit with my ideas of memory better. However the addition of red ink does add a visceral element.


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