Sam Taylor Johnson

Whilst exploring artists who are inspired and make work about death, I was reminded of Sam Taylor Johnson’s (Wood’s) time lapse films of decay. Both ‘A Little Death ‘ and ‘Still Life’ use film to explore the natural process of death and decay. Both initially have a traditional visual still life arrangement, but filmed using time lapse photography over several days or weeks we see for ourselves the realities of death.

These two films make an interesting modern take on the tradition of Vanitas paintings reminding us of the eventual outcome of all life.

These have a visceral impact that particularly with ‘A Little Death’, is quite brutal. But there is also a beauty within the way it is filmed and the gradual nature of the process.

I want my work to be similarly impactful whilst still retaining a sense of beauty even if not in a traditionally beautiful way. I am also intrigued with the use of film as a medium, though I am not always impressed with film as art.


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