UCA Farnham MA graduation show

Having been considering the possibility of continuing my studies with an MA, I took the opportunity to visit the UCA FArnham MA graduation show. The show included work from the Textiles MA course as well as fine art, ceramics, glass and jewellery. What struck me immediately whilst moving through the spaces was the strong interdisciplinary practice between subjects. Ceramicists using stitch, fine art textiles, jewellers using textile techniques. Subject choice is something I am struggling with but this show has shown that is possibly not quite as important as I had felt.

A couple of artists within the show particularly struck a chord with me and my work, which was really exciting.

Sally De Courcy’s work was instantly arresting and resonated with my own work. She explores the aftermath of war and uses metaphorical reference within her practice. ‘Walked Over’ is a large 5 meter x 5 meter floor installation made of blocks that look like concrete. Within these items are revealed that on inspection are jesmonite models that reference war. Pelvic bones and femurs reference death: guns, grenades and knives reference violence and sex toys reference sexual violence. The fact that they are all embedded with in a paved floor piece feels to me like a reference to covering up crimes, burial, hidden from view but eventually revealed as well as being walked over.

I wasn’t sure whether it was possible to actually walk over the piece but I have toyed with ideas of paths and pavements as a representation of our path through life.



Midori Wakabayashi uses bones from her meals to make jewellery as reference to life cycles, both our own but consumerist life cycles too. The construction of her pieces are made in such a way that the piece degrades with wear, this process resembles a living organism eventually only the bones remain again leaving the corpse of the jewellery.

I found the use of materials really interesting bones taken and cleaned after eating as well as fibre that looks hair like and salt. The idea of deterioration as part of the work is really interesting too. Art work is considered precious and we usually try to preserve work but embracing deterioration as part of a process feels quite liberating but also works with the conceptual ideas inherent with in Midori Wakabayashi’s work as well as my own. Inspiring!



A really impressive show that has left me really inspired. There was a lot of exciting and impressive work within the show but these two felt particularly relevant to my own work.


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