Osteological marks

During research I noticed a large amount of older osteological bone archives are physically marked and labelled on the bone material itself. I also became aware of communities that celebrate their relatives by painting their remains and having them on display. This idea of marking bone intrigued me.

I started to consider how I might use this idea within my project, first I explored the war crimes that have occurred since the Hague Convention. I looked at dates and roman numerals as a way of distinguishing these awful events but so many of them overlap that it simply started to feel clear cut or a good representation of the events. I then started to look at language and the words used to describe the atrocities:

  • Rape
  • Beating
  • Torture
  • Massacre
  • Buried alive
  • Extermination
  • Chemical weapons…

I then tried to discover which nation was the least aggressive with a history of the least recent conflict and that country is apparently Iceland.

Using google translate I translated these words into Icelandic. This process is a conflict in itself violent words spoken in a non violent language. I like this juxtaposition!


Icelandic translation

Initial Ideas


Paper pulp skull cast


Paper pulp skull cast with printed Icelandic text


Paper pulp skull cast with hand painted Icelandic text




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