I have experimented with papers for the lace imprint paper skulls.

Basic office paper 80 gsm – gives a good bleed impression with the paper but does degrade when wet which makes it harder to add a second layer. I like the reference to being thrown away and office waste though.

Cartridge Paper – is very resilient and stays strong  but a bit wobbly with second layer. OK bleed too.

Japanese Sumi-e paper – too absorbent didn’t work at all.

Permajet Portfolio Rag 220 – Really good impression! possibly slightly too thick and pretty expensive slightly yellow colour.

Permajet Portfolio Rag 285 – same as above but thicker still

Permajet Portrait white 285 – Lovely pure white, best impression really lovely dark marks. Too thick and company does not make a lighter product.

Inkjet 200gsm – complete fail. Far too absorbent and impossible to get any bleed at all.

Heavy cartridge paper – great bleed, strong and resilient 


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