Tutorial Assignment 3

As always, tutorials are a huge help. The ability to have a discussion and get the opinion of another view is invaluable.

We discussed the need to take a step back at this point of this module. I have done a lot of research and the temptation  is to continue but actually I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed with information. I should start by reviewing all the work done so far, take a step back and consider the aesthetic appearance as well as the meaning within the work. A sense of the meaning should be apparent within the work that can then be interpreted by the viewer.

I have used gut feelings previously and should continue to do so. Work should feel right.

I don’t currently record enough of the detail of my processes. It is easy to take for granted certain details because I am so close to what is happening but an assessor will not necessarily pick up on some of that thinking. These can be done by writing notes within my sketchbook and scanning them for my logbook.

My critical review is currently very much unfinished but needs to have an element of discussion that relates to my own work. I need to complete the conclusion and tie some themes together throughout the review.



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