I am not completely happy with the development of this piece but I am still really determined that the basic ideas and materials can work together. I have taken a step back to reconsider.


  • Concrete still feels right as a metaphor for heavy memories. It has a cold sense of foreboding, it doesn’t have warm connotations and for me conjurers ideas of  bunkers, locking things away.
  • After some consideration I don’t however feel that the concrete itself needs to contain a memory/impression. It could simply be heavy.
  • My main interest is that I want it to contain the precious element of memory.
  • Thinking of concrete boxes I felt a hollow breeze block may be worth considering.
  • To effectively convey ideas it isn’t always necessary to make an item. Available items often convey ideas effectively. Readymade art was first established by Marcel Duchamp with his iconic piece ‘fountain’



  • Shiny and easy to cast pewter continues to intrigue me as a material of preciousness.
  • References my research of historical wills
  • Casting knitting has given really exciting results and this continues to drive my ideas.

Knitting cast in pewter

I have considered casting knitting impression tokens inspired by the foundling tokens on my visit to The Foundling Museum.

My initial idea and thoughts were to have the tokens spilling from the concrete. But this didn’t sit right for me.

Pewter knitting impression token

  • Precious memories tend to stay with us. we loose other memories but the precious ones tend to remain.
  • I don’t feel that precious memories would be easy to separate from the hard memories, they are really part of each other.

Because of these thoughts I would like to consider casting a pewter impression within one of the holes. Precious memories being art of the hard memories. The other hole in the breeze block would remain empty symbolizing loss and emptiness from loosing someone close.


This piece of work feels very personal and autobiographical, it very much symbolizes how I fell after the loss of both of my parents from their alcoholism. My overwhelming memories of both of them are very difficult, with more negative memories than good. But there are precious memories too.

30th September

I have spent some time trying to figure out how to achieve a cast impression within the concrete space.

  • Should I cast it first separately then Solder it into the space
    • I don’t want it to look placed there, I want it to look like it has developed within the space.
  • My main concern is that the drop into the hole is pretty deep. The pewter could cool too quickly on the way down.

I revisited the work of Max Lamb and watched a filmed clip of him casting his pewter stools within sand on a beach.

Watching this gave me the courage and conviction that simply pouring into the space could work!

I decided to give it a go. I was however nervous of wasting pewter ( an expensive outlay ) and only really getting one go at this. Risky but if I didn’t try I wouldn’t find out!


I placed a piece of lace under the breeze block with cardboard and an insulating layer of wool blanket. After heating  pewter in a saucepan (only used for this) I took a deep breath and poured!



The lace must have lifted in the middle but the edges have a good lace impression. I like the lack of clarity in the middle as it gives a sense of memory not quite remembered.


It has flowed into the concrete really nicely. It feels as if it has grown to be part of the concrete.



I love that some fibres remain poking out of the pewter.








One response to “Rethinking

  1. I am currently looking at concrete for my final project on Brutilism for mixed media textiles. I am exploring the subtly grey tone colour range but decided to work in Plasticine and coloured plaster.


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