Salt as metaphor

I have continued to consider salt as a metaphor for death.

salt impression

Evaporation of water represents the spirit leaving the body well. Still present but not visible.

Tears are salty – mourning grief.

I started by considering a cloth box as an empty vessel with the intention of using a salt solution to make it stand upright.

I then started to explore the possibilities of impressions. I have some old cotton embroidered table cloths. unpicking the embroidery leaves the impression of the original pattern from the stitch holes.


I created a small fabric box and saturated the fabric in a salt solution. Sadly the holes begin to close up with only a small amount of time in the salt.


You can barely see them.


After this I continued to explore the embroidery.


I started by dyeing some section black using Dylon dye.



Initially I tried using some discharge paste that I had from a previous project. Either it had gone off or it didn’t work with dylon dyes but nothing happened.

I then used household bleach painted over the embroidery.


I then unpicked sections of the embroidery to see if colour had been left behind. It had but not in a particularly satisfactory way.


I also tried painting around the embroidery with bleach. I don’t feel that this works particularly well for me either.


Back to the drawing board!







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