Crowfunding to support St Pancras Crypt Exhibition

I have been keen to finish my degree with a degree show for several reasons. Firstly because with other courses you would have a degree show but also because I think that it enables me to work towards something real. It helps me understand the other realities of being an artist, not just producing work and allows me in turn to show these considerations at assessment including the planning of work within a specific space, marketing and promotion as well as funding.

With this in mind I decided, nervously, to set up a crowdfunding page with to help support my exhibition at St Pancras Crypt Gallery in January.

The whole experience has been amazing. Within 3 days using just social media I had managed to recieve 50% funding and after sending out a mailchimp newsletter I hit my £500 target after just 5 days. It still hasn’t been a week yet and I have currently had pledges for £535.

What has surprised me most is the range of pledgers. They are not necessarily the people I expected. Several wonderful other OCA students have been very kind! I have had a donation from someone I have never met at all who simply loves the venue. I also had donations from two textile artists who’s work I have admired for several years, Beverly Ayling Smith and Karen Carfen. These two donations are particularly special to me because by pledging they validate my work.

This process has also helped to support the reasons why artists like me make work in the first place.

Someone who I have not met, but who works with my husband, pledged and emailed the following message.

I am no fan of art, in particularly modern art, but that is more directed to the critiques.

I like Katie’s work and am more than happy to support it as I appreciate the ingenious thought that goes in to everything that she does as a whole, even the venues chosen to exhibit!

I can relate to this work in particular. I have a small wooden box next to my bed that I believe was carved by a kindly German prisoner for my Grandad during the second world war. I never met my Grandad, (Mum’s father) as he sadly passed away just two days before I was born. I shouldn’t have any memory of him, but I have this subconscious feeling that I have always ‘known’ him. In this case my little wooden box hasn’t changed a memory, but created one? Hard to explain really!

The idea of  allowing others to consider and look at the world differently, is a strong part of why I want to create work like this. It also potentially engages a new art audience who would not normally visit an exhibition.

I am so pleased that I took what I felt was a risk and decided to crowdfund. I am now able to put together a professional degree show with a printed leaflet, posters, labels and refreshments for the private view but the experience has given me so much more.

8th November

Just 10 days in and I have now reached my stretch target of £700! Amazing!

22nd November

Now through the stretch target that was £700 to £735!!!!

6th December

i have now blown through my stretch target and have reached £795!
this whole process had been so humbling.


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