Free forensic anthroplogy 6 week course

I have just started a free online forensic anthropology course with Dundee University.

The course lasts 6 weeks and should require 4 hours each week.

I want to take this course to support my research into identity in death and the use of forensics to do this.

I have completed the first week and it has been really useful so far. The first week has basically been setting up the ground work but already we have been asked to identify specific bones and the whole course will be based around a realistic situation.

6th December

Having now completed 4 weeks I have a good overview of the course.

It has been fascinating. Over these first weeks we have learnt basic skills. Identifying bones, determining sex, height, age and to some degree ethnicity. We have also studied bone damage to determine ante-mortem, peri and post-mortem trauma. The types of trauma and how to determine which type is present.

All that I have learnt so far directly feeds my enquiry into memory. The information present within bones tell a story of the individual. Individuality is there if looked for. To an untrained eye all skeletons look like each other but look carefully and individuality is there.

13th December

I have now completed the full 6 week course. It has been a great experience and I have gained a lot of useful knowledge to take with me.

  • How to reference human remains
  • Basic skeletal anatomy
  • How to identify individual bones
  • Bone damage and how to decide whether it happened before, at or after death.
  • Types of trauma
  • Identifying and estimating sex, age and stature

It is marks within bone that help tell a story of the life and death of an individual.


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