Production of Ceramic skulls

I have started to produce the ceramic skulls for this piece of work. I have been very lucky to be able to produce these. Ceramic artist Marie Darkins at Magdalen Road Studios, where I work as studio manager, has kindly agreed to fire these for me.

Having worked out that I need close to 20 individual skulls, I have started the slow process of producing these individually one by one.

I want each to be different to accentuate the reality of individuality within mass graves. I have used old lace samples left to me by my mum in some, as well as knitted samples all different within each.


Initial pieces before the initial firing.


Lace detail before initial firing


Knitted sample after initial firing


Placing initial samples to visualise the finished piece of work.


After the first firing I carefully painted black copper oxide into the fabric impressions to accentuate the textures and also to give an aged/decayed feel.


Detail of copper oxide before second firing


Lace detail after last firing. The earthy brown colour gives a really effective aged effect.


Examples of the first batch finished.


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