Fragile memory planning

As I start planning and putting together ideas for the exhibition at The Crypt, I realise that this piece of work may have to be created almost last-minute.

Issues of packing the work and having to fold it are going to impact on way it displays as well as the bone ash falling off. I am in two minds about whether to create the work in situ at the gallery or make it a week before and wrap gently in tissue paper.

I will run a couple of tests over the next week to see how well samples last.

1st December

I have created a couple of tests to experiment with how to pack the piece.


  • I cannot create the piece in situ as the drying time is too long.
  • I have used spray glue on the casings to see if that would enable the bone ash to adhere better but this effected the detail of the lace impression.
  • I used strong hairspray after the whole piece had dried. This worked well. Some of the bone ash did come away but a good detailed impression remained. Careful folding and storage in tissue paper should enable to transportation of this piece to The Crypt.

28th December

After completeing my tests above (and waiting for christmas to be over) I set about completeing this piece of work, giving my self time before my exhibition.


The casings come in long sections approximtely 2.5meters so I used one section. After soaking, I inflated the entire length with a football pump to release any areas that had stuck together. Using scissors I cut the length open and stretched it open on sheets of paper.

Laying lace down the length I then dusted bone ash over the lace using an old sieve.

When it was completely dry I sprayed it all with hairspray.

I have carefully and successfully folded it within tissue paper ready for January 13th!



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