Story Boards

Creating a storyboard helps to consolodate and crystalize my thinking and ideas over the whole of this major project.


My starting point came from noticing the marks and labels on human remains in museums.

It occurred to me that labelling is a way of determining identity.

Name tapes act as an unassuming way of labelling.

Using words associated with war, I translated them into Icelandic. Iceland is a country who’s recently history has the least amount of conflict.

Red text on red ribbon adds the reference to impression. It also looks like blood. A long length of labelled ribbon pouring indefinitely.


Lay Waste

Ink impressions as a metaphor for loss.

Reference to mass graves and war crimes from the ideas of discarded rubbish

Vessel shapes that reference loss and memory



Heavy concrete breeze block as a difficult memory to carry through life.

Accentuated by a pewter lace impression that has become physically part of the concrete.  precious moments within difficult times.

Impossible to separate.



Fragile memory is delicate and brief.

Memories are only often partially remembered.

Beef casings add a visceral element whilst also being fine and fragile.

Bone ash dusted through lace does the same.

A section glimpsed over a light box highlights just a small brief section, referencing fragile partially remembered moments.



A direct reference to my research of Mass Graves.

A mass grave is a single unit but it can be easy to forget that a mass grave contains many individuals with different memories.

Multiple skull like vessels with knitted impressions look like marks made in the bone from memory where the brain would have been. All completely different.

Vessels are circular and circles for me represent continuation. Empty vessels – loss, emptiness.

Vessels contained within a fibre optic circle, another reference to never ending cycles.



Evaporation as a metaphor for the soul leaving a body. Continues to exist but in a different form.

Salt too can be diluted but when the water evaporates it is recreated in a different form.

Dalton’s Atomic Theory. 1) All matter is made of atoms. Atoms are indivisible and indestructible. 2) All atoms of a given element are identical in mass and properties. 3) Compounds are formed by a combination of two or more different kinds of atoms.

Vessels referenced again

Single small vessel

Lost – lonely – empty – tearful – bleak

All emotions that are part of a mourning process.


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