Visualizing ‘Lay Waste’

I have considered the placement of work within the crypt space and with most of my pieces I have a pretty clear idea of where each piece will go.

To clarify some of these I have created some visualization images to give me an idea of how they will work within the space.

With  Lay Waste I want to explore the idea of people being discarded like waste in mass graves. Each individual lace ink painting is no better than the next just different, different memories and lives. 3 will be framed on the wall to convey a hierarchy whilst the rest will be placed in the opposite side of the room but piled and thrown into a corner. On top of the pile I intend to place several ink paintings that are 3 dimensionally formed into a skull like vessel.



It is difficult to get dimensions and sizing correct but I feel that this is close. I am pleased with this, it feels complete with all the ideas conveyed in a strong way.


I am still a little undecided about the use of red ink on some of the images, I may use it on the 3 dimensional vessels but part of me is thinking that this is slightly too literal.

In preparation I have framed the 3 ink paintings that will be hung on the wall.



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