Evaporation overview

This piece has been a bit of a struggle. I have known what I have wanted to explore throughout but it has been difficult to get to a point that feels effective in conveying my ideas.


  • I wanted this piece to explore my ideas of continuing after death.
  • Atoms within us continue in another form
  • Salt crystals dissolve in water – water evaporates to reveal salt crystals again in a new form.
  • Salt – tears, sadness, ritual, preservation
  • Vessels – empty, sense of emptiness.
  • Visualization of time passing


  • The various explorations and samples leading up to this final piece of work have been valuable. They haven’t felt right to persue for this piece but could be valuable explorations later on.
  • I would like to further explore ways of colouring salt crystals. Understanding why the table salt and epsom salt went green could help this.

Overall thoughts

  • Overall I am very happy with this piece. I believe it conveys what I set out to do successfully.
  • I have deliberately kept this piece small to convey a sense of feeling small and insignificant during mourning.
  • Salt is something I would like to revisit again. It is an effective fabric stiffener that is also full of metaphor and meaning.

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