Lay Waste overview

This piece of work has been enourmously satisfying to create. There is something deeply pleasurable about chinese ink and how it behaves.


  • Absense conveyed with the use of lace ink impressions. Lace no longer pesent but a visual representation is present instead. Metaphor to describe the feeling that loved ones are still with us after death.
  • Heirarchy – individuals within mass graves and the perpetrators, both have memory that is imporant to them.
  • People treated as waste. Discarded and thrown away.


  • I am excited to see this piece in situ at The Crypt Gallery. It is difficult to completely know how successful this piece is until then, but I am confident that it feels complete.

Overall thoughts

  • IĀ  really like these paintings visually. Chinese ink dries in different densities that gives these an interesting depth.
  • I spent some time considering the use of blood red ink, but felt that this would be too literal.
  • I would like to explore how Chinese ink behaves on different surfaces further.

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