Weight overview

This piece feels the most personal to me and a piece that comes directly from experience.


  • Memories affect us forever, both good and bad
  • Bad memories are difficult and remain with us as if we have to carry them.
  • Good and bad are both entwined inseparable from each other.
  • Precious moments shine bright in places, hard memory is dull, heavy and rough
  • Having researched historical wills Pewter items were often left. Items left that are infused with memory. Pewter is shiny and has a peciousness within it’s appearence.


  • I would have liked to have experimented with pewter in more depth to really develop fabric impressions further.
  • Cost stopped me exploring further but I confidently made the most of what I was able to use.

Overall thoughts

  • I feel that this has developed to fully encompass my ideas succinctly.
  • There is scope to develop pewter casting of textiles and fabric further.

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