Momentary Overiew

During my research of memory I became interested in how we tend to store snapshots of our past and never whole events. I wanted to explore this further within my work.


  • Memory is never complete, we only retain brief snapshots.
  • Lace impression as a metaphor for memory
  • Beef casing as a visceral reference to mortality and death.
  • Length as a complete memory with a section highlighted as a brief snapshot.


  • The logistics of this piece have been quite tricky. The piece is long and does disintergrate when foled or moved. (perhaps rather like memory). Special consideration has been needed in the planning towards my exhibition.


Overall thoughts

  • I find animal casings fascinating as a material. it is versitile and visceral and has been the perfect fit for some of my work. I intend to revisit this as a material in the future.
  • I am happy that my objective has been fulfilled. the ideas feel complete. The delicate fragile nature of memory conveyed through this piece of work feels successfull.

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