Pre planning Latent

With my exhibition just under a week away I am both excited and terrified.

The space is huge and I am starting to feel as if my work may feel underwhelming within such a huge space. I have spent so much time promoting the exhibition to friends, relatives, associates and people I think may be interested, that I am starting to worry that visitors will be disappointed.

I am hoping that this is simply a natural process and something that is meant to simply galvanize me.

I am feeling prepared. I have had planning lists on the go for weeks now to make sure that I take everything that I could possibly need, from chalk to tea and coffee.

  • I have printed labels for each piece and mounted them onto foam board.
  • I have streadily packed everything into storage boxes for easy packing and manoverability.
  • I have borrowed a plinth, for displaying momentary, from where I work (magdalen road studios) and have given it a fresh coat of paint in preparation.
  • I have picked up the drinks and glasses for the private view.

Overall I think I am there, I just need to wait for the day!


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